Tuesday, October 7

haylee and her balloon

haylee went with me to run some errands, and she was not a happy camper about it. she was fine when she was in the car, and whenever we started in a store, but then kept losing it about in the middle. no gram crackers or cereal would do the trick. luckily, this wonderful woman took pity on me, and gave haylee a free balloon! what kid isn't happy to get a balloon?! man, did that do the trick. too bad that was the last stop and we were heading home. at least haylee enjoyed the car ride with it.
today, the balloon is still alive but to her level. i could record her playing with it all day if naps didn't need to be taken lol

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Thursday, September 25

haylee at 9 months

haylee, haylee, haylee! her daddy took these pictures of her the last time we were at allan's cabin. even though she has one shoe and no headband, she is still so adorable! eating leaves, chasing allan, waving at those she knows. 

 || loving on grandpa allan ||

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Monday, September 22

chalk the block

walking around the riverwoods parking lot, viewing such beautiful art work! love, love, love it! can you believe that all of these were done by chalk?! i know i was blown away by all of the talent. businiess, individuals, and schools all participated. i need to definitely up my game. 

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Friday, September 19

allan's cabin

we didn't get enough of the great outdoors in yellowstone because after we had gotten all of the laundry done, we took allan up to his cabin. it is just up provo canyon, just past sundance. he had started building it in 1963 and could only work on it when he had free time. [ he was a professor at byu, a bishop to a singles ward, and even did some consulting. so he was a busy man!]

even though it felt like we were miles and miles away, we were still so close to home. the perfect little get away for a few hours. allan sure enjoyed telling us all about building it, even the change in scenery was good for the old man.
 || allan's spot ||

 || such a happy baby!!!||

 || yeah, both allan and i were freezing!||

 ||scout sure had a great time though||

 ||old and young||

we all had a great time just hanging out. if allan's routine wasn't so diffiuclt, we might have stayed the night... maybe lol we will definitely come up a few more times before it starts to snow. so beautiful.
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