Monday, April 27

"everybody was kung fu fighting"

since being pregnant, i usually go to bed before andrew does. making a baby all the time is hard work lol. i don't fall asleep right away though because, just like his sister, little man is super active whenever i go to bed. that's fine with me. also, the husband sometimes likes to come to bed right when i am about to fall asleep. boys just don't understand that i need my beauty sleep.

|| my older brother and i way back in the day. i can totally see haylee in this picture||

the other night right when i was drifting off, andrew comes to bed and insist on snuggling. he gets all comfortable which gets me uncomfortable. so of course i'm wide awake getting comfortable again, and right when i do, someone decides it's time for karate practice. andrew is snuggling me with his hand on my belly. he hasn't felt our little guy move yet, so i moved his hand where he is. after a few moments, there was a huge "hi-ya!" my husband's hand moves so fast and his whole body is over on the edge of the bed lol [apparently, i forgot that andrew thinks it's alien that something moves in my body] i can't help but laugh, it was so funny! andrew later told me that he was seconds of being alseep before his hand was karate chopped; which made me laugh even more.

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Friday, April 24

austin, texas

while we were in texas, we had to make a quick trip down to austin to visit andrew's older brother and family. the trip was so fast and fun that we only got a few photos from our phones. we are all kicking ourselves for it because these visits are few and far between.
the two older girls were ready to play and wrestle with their uncle andrew; the two babies pretty much did what they wanted and pretty much stayed in their own worlds. it was cute seeing them all together. andrew and he brother were probably the happiest to hang out together! we all went to the park, played games, and talked and talked and talked! we will cherish every second of that short trip! 

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Wednesday, April 22

traveling to texas

after a fun easter/conference weekend, we took off to texas!!! my parents begged and begged until we finally agreed to come down. boy, did we need the vacation. i'll post about our time with my family later, this post is about how haylee did traveling.
a first for all of us was taking the trax up to the airport. we were going to be gone for a week and we didn't want to worry about our car at the airport, so we decided a train ride would be fun!

|| haylee sure enjoyed it! i'll have to get a video of her making a train noise. ||

after a quick little nap, we were at the airport. andrew and i were both surprised and relieved how well haylee did on her first flight. my dad was kind enough to get us three seats. i was happy for it because that's where we put her car seat and where she played.

good-bye utah, hello texas!!!

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Friday, April 10

fun at trafalga

|| haylee was very timid about her first time on a carousel. when she did finally warm up to it, she still wouldn't sit on it by herself. by the third ride, she was smiling. ||

|| the bounce house was a whole other story. she may not know how to jump/bounce, but she sure had a great time! ||
a near by Seven Peaks Fun Center was having a carnival to celebrate spring. seeing how it was free, we just had to go! the carousel, the bounce house, face painting, and so much more. there was even a petting zoo, but apparently we came on the wrong day. oh well. the girls were too little to ride most of the rides, so we hung around the bounce house and carousel. they were pretty happy with that.
we are all loving the warmer weather here in utah! we will definitely be using our passes a lot the next few months!

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