Monday, March 30

little artist

|| look at that concentration! i don't normally take pictures during church, but after looking over at her, i just couldn't help myself! ||

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Friday, March 27

boy or girl??

cast your vote! what do you think we'll be having this time around?? a boy or a girl?!?
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Wednesday, March 25

baby bump pictures

                          || 18 week bump ||                                                    || 19 week bump ||
i'm going to go with that i must be standing different in these pictures because i look bigger at 18 weeks lol. i told an old acquaintance that i was pregos and so far along; she didn't quite beleive me. i guess i make small babies because i look small throughout my pregnancies. i am most definitely not complaining.

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Saturday, March 21

haylee got a ouch-y

last weekend was not a good one for us warrens. saturday night, andrew and i were cleaning so haylee was left playing to herself. we hear happy giggles; then we hear a crash. i look over and i don't see haylee anymore. i see a fooz-ball table (that we had propped up against the wall because it doesn't have any legs) flat on the floor with our baby underneath. andrew and i both run to her rescue. one of us lefts the table while the other picks her up. her month is bleeding alil (she has teeth now so she probably bit herself) and there is a bruise right under her eye. it takes hours of snuggling until she finally calms down. andrew and i were okay with that. she went to bed just fine that night.

the next morning, andrew notices her left arm is swollen and she's not using it. we wait to see what she does and finish getting ready for church. she's still not moving it and is uber snugly, so andrew calls her doctor and they recommend for us to bring her in. feeling her arm and getting x-rays done, they tell us that she has a slight fracture and haylee will need a cast. we have to wait until her arm is no longer swollen, so she is in a sling until monday. 

luckily, she has been her normal, happy self all week long! it makes both andrew and i feel so much better about the experience. we know it will not be a fun day for her when they get the cast on her (it'll be during nap time) so we will most likely be making a chick-fil-a run for milkshakes afterwards.

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