Tuesday, September 16

yellowstone :: day two, west thumb

after seeing old faithful and the other geysers, we went to check out "the west thumb". it was so much fun watching all of the mini geysers and hot pots. all of the different colors, boiling water, no living plant near them. there were even huge empty holes and all you wanted to do was step closer to see just how deep it went lol the lake at yellowstone was also beautiful. too bad we didn't see the otters there. it was still lots of fun.

|| there was a pool called "thumbs up"||

|| the babies needed some ground time ||

|| our poor scout. if we had known that dogs couldn't go on the trails, we wouldn't have brought him. he had to be on a leash the whole time at camp and in the car while we were out exploring. so he really enjoyed it when we did let him run around. ||

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Friday, September 12

andrew's score

last friday, andrew took the PCAT. the test to get into pharmacy school. he had gotten the books months in advance, and was constantly looking through them. a few weeks before the scheduled test, all he did was study, eat and play ball. the week before the test, he took pre-test after pre-test. [haylee and i did not see much of daddy those few weeks]
then it was friday. andrew got up to draper [where the test was being held] and i didn't hear from him for hours. when i finally got that phone call saying that he was comin home with a little ceasers pizza [that is what andrew always gets after a big test], i could tell that the world was lifted off of his shoulders.
he came home and showed me the paper. he wont get his results back for the written part for a few weeks, but he got the results for the multipal choice right away. 99%! my smarty of a husband! guess we'll be going to any pharmacy school that he wants! next will be to apply, then off to school in the fall! we are so excited to be moving on! soon we wont be the utah warrens any more ;)
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Thursday, September 11

yellowstone :: day 2 geysers

after we watched old faithful erupt, we walked around the rest of the park to watch the other geysers. one surprised everyone when it went off. no one was expecting it! there were quite a few more hot pots that were boiling. random buffalo. sleepy babies.

|| sleepy babies ||

 || watching old faithful go off again ||

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Tuesday, September 2

haylee at 8 months

haylee may not look it, but she is getting so big! we don't know her stats [she's too wiggly to let us try] but she has an appointment next month. i can't wait to see her progress.

Sleep: at night she sleeps between 9-11 hours. we are praying that it will continue. for naps, depending on what is going on [workouts, reading time, grocery shopping, taking allan out] she normally gets two naps a day for about 2 hours.
Eats: three good meals a day. a whole jar of either a veggie or a fruit [peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, apple sauce, pears, apple-blueberry. she hates greenbeans and bananas] she also is a huge fan of cheerios and other rice cereal. scout also likes it when she eats those too. she has a fun time drinking water, either from our cups or her own. she also still eats from me everytime i put her to bed.
Clothes: her oneies are all still 0-6 months, pajamas are all 6 months. all of her pants are looking like capries.
Milestones: crawling everywhere, claps, pulls herself up on everything, lets the dog out of his kennel, is a huge fan of peek-a-boo, had her first camping trip, babbles 24/7, is getting high-fives down, learning to crawl away when daddy chases her, no teeth yet, goes "da-da" but doesn't quite knows what it means, also working on going up and down the stairs.


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