Tuesday, August 26

morning trips to the park

the mornings andrew gets home from playing basketball, he takes haylee and the dog out to the park while i get ready to go workout/listen for allan. scout loves it because he gets to run and play. on one morning, allan had already decided that he was not going get up and since i didn't have a workout class, i went to the park too. it was even better when our awesome neighbors got to come along!



we'd better enjoy this beautiful weather while we can before the cold comes through.
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Monday, August 25

st. george trip

|| man, so i tried to post this right before we took a spontanious camping trip up in yellowstone, but it deleted itself on me. plus i've been working on christmas gifts, so time is always getting away from me||

while my family was in utah [in july] we all desided to take a trip down to st. george/mesquite to visit my dad's parents. haylee and i rode with my dad [cause he was leaving to go back home afterwards] pretty much the whole time. it was nice to get that quality time just with him. haylee is not a fan of road trips. you'll see what i mean at the last picture lol
our first stop was in st. george to see my dad's mom [grandma caine] and my mom's mom who is serving a mission there. after spending a day talking and visiting, we headed to mesquite to see my dad's dad and step-mom. it was crazy to see how much my dad and grandpa look alike! i think the trip was a huge success!

 || someone was happy to take a break at a rest stop ||

|| mema enjoying her time being a great grandma! i was sooo happy to see my mom play with haylee on the floor!||

 || whatever we did, wherever we went, my dad was always like "like me get haylee out of the car." "i'll push her" "my turn to hold her" he was taking his new grandpa roll very serious ||

 || gettin four generation pictures with my grandma caine ||

 || now it was grandpa hughes' turn ||
 we were happy to be heading back to provo, but of course haylee needed another pit stop. she was happy that this one had a swing!

everytime i put haylee in the car-seat, this happened and wouldn't stop! poor girl doesn't travel well.

Saturday, August 9

brynlee's baby blessing

|| my mom and dad, brynlee with my big brother and wife ||

|| me. big brother with brynlee. baby brother || 
a month ago, my little niece got a blessing and a name. it was so cool hearing my brother speak with such authority and with such spirit. brynlee was a champ and didn't cry at all. i'm pretty sure she was still in a milk coma. alyssan's mom made the beautiful blessing dress for her. it is made out of her wedding dress as well as my moms. so pretty. 
it was a beautiful day outside, so that's where we did everything; the blessing, pictures, had dinner, and even played volleyball. my brother sure married into a stellar family!

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Thursday, July 31

7 months old haylee

our little blue eye, blond hair girl is keeping us on our toes. she is a crawling, pulling herself up machine! poor scout, there is no escaping her baby death grip. she even takes away his toys from him. she pulls on allan's blanket that's on his lap to try to pull herself up. every time we go get her from her crib, she's already sitting/standing up waiting for us. time to lower that mattress of hers. 

crawls from one end of the house to the other. babbles non stop. takes two good naps [about 2 hours each]. eats peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, and oatmeal like a champ. claps. loves the water. laughs the hardest when daddy plays with her. will grab at any phone and eat it. sleeps in her room, only waking up once to eat. prefers our car keys to any other toy. plays by herself real well. enjoys typing on our laptops. likes attention from anyone.

 she's growing up so fast!

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