Wednesday, February 25

haylee update; 14 months old!

14 months, i have a toddler! i still have pictures in my phone of the day she was born. she has changed so much in what feels like a short time. it is such a cliche but so true, i can't remember what life was like before her.

she is a walker and loves it! a master at the stairs {going up and down. that was the first thing we taught/helped her with once she started crawling at 6 months}. insist on feeding herself with a fork. and to sit on my lap whenever to do my hair and makeup. pulls everything onto the floor. has three and 1/2 teeth; two on the bottom and one top tooth. the forth tooth finally broke through but she still looks like a hillbilly. can still fit in her 3 month onesies but wears 9 month pants. can sign hungry, more, water, food, and again. can say daddy, scout, hi, and mama. she knows what a snake says, cow, sheep, horse, dog, and elephant.

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Wednesday, October 29

halloween par-ty!!!

halloween is my favorite holiday!!! you get to dress up in costumes, eat way too much candy, pumpkin flavored everything, halloween movies on abc family, it's in fall, jack-o-lanterns, and now our annual halloween bash!!! i had soooo much fun making the decorations, planning the food, and making our family costumes. 

|| yes, the allan was part of the decor lol he actually came to the party dressed as an old man!||
|| mummified hotdogs, frankenstein's toes (tater tots), fried giblets (pizza bites), troll warts (popcorn), werewolf droppings (pumpkin cookies), ghost cut-out cookies||  

good fun, great company, cute babies, i am so happy that our first halloween party was such a hit! thank you to all of our friends and family that came and a huge thank you to the husband for helping my ideas come to life! i can't wait for next year!!!

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Monday, October 27

haylee at 10 months

Stats: 14 1/2 lbs (2%), 28" (20%)
Eats: baby food with oatmeal, but prefers more solid foods. she'll eat bananas, toast, salteens, mom and dad's smoothies, peas, carrots, graham crackers, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, french fries, tater tots, and noodles. has three meals a day, snacks in between, and eats from me before she goes to sleep.
Sleeps: well she did sleep though the night for a good week or so, but then that stopped. she went back to waking up around 3 (which i hate because i can never seem to go back to sleep after that), gets up around 6, and is ready for the day around 7:30. for naps, still two a day between an hour to two hours.
Clothes: so i bought her some long sleeve oneies for 6-9 months, they are huge on her! i also had to get her 6-9 month pants because all of her other ones barely go past her knee. all of her new pants fit her in the legs, but their really big in the waist. such a little baby still.

  • crawls super fast everywhere!
  • climbs the stairs all by herself
  • babbles non-stop
  • follows allan where ever he goes
  • walks with us holding her hands, her walker, and allan's walker
  • enjoys being outside
  • crawls up to everybody
  • says "dad"
  • likes feeding herself
  • opens and closes doors
  • pulls down every book she sees
  • can play "peek-a-boo"

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Tuesday, October 7

haylee and her balloon

haylee went with me to run some errands, and she was not a happy camper about it. she was fine when she was in the car, and whenever we started in a store, but then kept losing it about in the middle. no gram crackers or cereal would do the trick. luckily, this wonderful woman took pity on me, and gave haylee a free balloon! what kid isn't happy to get a balloon?! man, did that do the trick. too bad that was the last stop and we were heading home. at least haylee enjoyed the car ride with it.
today, the balloon is still alive but to her level. i could record her playing with it all day if naps didn't need to be taken lol

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