Monday, July 21

music video

there was that one time when the husband, brittany {sil}, jay {her husband}, and i were at tucanos enjoying our birthday coupons. once we were done and went outside, this was going on; the making of the music video "lemonade"
|| alex boye ||
|| haylee dacning with auntie brittany ||

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Friday, July 18

friends at the park

it's so nice when you get text up a friend and ask if she and her daughter would like to go to the park in a few minutes and they happily oblige. off to the park we go! it's alot of fun watching ellora walk up the steps by herself, go across bridges, look out at us between the bars, crawl backwards to get to the slide; it just gets me really excited for haylee to start doing those things. until then, its the swings for us. good thing haylee likes those, even when we make her share it lol
i feel bad for andrew on these random outings because our friend's husband is never available for our spontaneous trips, so he walks around with two women and two kids looking like a polygamist. when in utah i guess ;)  

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Tuesday, July 8

haylee at 6 months

Stats: 13 lbs (3rd %), 25 3/4 inches in length (38%), 41 cm head measurements (15%) small but happy, active baby!
Milestones: rolls all over the place, sits up on her own [the doctor was surprised to see her do that], does downward dog, laughs all the time, scoots to get where she needs to go [she offically started today! can't wait to film it] and clapping
Eats: oatmeal three times a day, two of those meals is with a veggie, only eats from me for naps and at night
Sleeps: still in her bassinet in our room from 8-7, only wakes up once to eat around 1. has two big naps a day, one before lunch and before dinner which last about an hour or two.
Loves: being outside, her bouncer, bath time, seven peaks, her aunt brittany, her daddy, scout, being sung to, any kind of attention

6 months old! i still like to just look at her sometimes and it still amazes me that i made her. that this happy screaming baby that brings such joy to my life came out of me! ME! at random times, both andrew and i will say "yup, we made a cute one!" her percing blue eyes, that smirk of a grin, screaming and babbling all during church, giggling when tossed up into the air, making the funniest 'yuck' faces when eating peas, smiling and clapping… what's not to love?!

she's on her second road trip • been a pro when getting shots • loves the swing, being thrown in the air, dropped on the bed, wrestling with daddy, being put in the stroller • she reaches for her cousin whenever her parents put them next to each other • poses for pictures • is just as happy as can be!

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Monday, July 7

celebrating our freedoms with a baby

provo really knows how to celebrate the 4th! hot air balloons, parades, free breakfast, and of course fireworks! all of those things were fun before, but now that we have a kid, we enjoyed it way more! the first activity on our agenda was the hot air balloon festival.   


 for getting up pretty early, both of the little girls had a good time. pointing at all the balloons, smiling... that was pretty much it. as the balloons were getting ready to take off, the wind picked up. the balloons started rocketing back and forth and falling over. they started packing up the balloons so we figured it was a good time to get back home for pancakes. 

 the next day was the parade! of course, the three of us got all matchy matchy lol haylee did really well. she didn't get scared of all of the loud noises form the sirens or the cannon at the end. the floats were impressive {for being from small towns}, love the marching bands, and the company is always great!

after the parade, we had friends and family over for a bbq then to watch the fireworks. gotta love celebrating our freedom!

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